We at Crystalusion™ believe that providing a more bacteria free environment as well as give everyone a possibility to protect their multimedia devices keeps us all healthier and saves us a lot of money. Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Nanotechnology Protection has been designed to protect multimedia devices including mobile phones, tablets, cameras, laptops, televisions, gaming consoles and satellite navigation systems.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection Invisible
Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection Antibacterial
Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection Easy Clean
Easy Application
Less EMF 5
Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection Bubble Free
Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection Diamond Tested

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About Crystalusion™ Liquid Glass nanotechnology Protection

Crystalusion™ utilises the latest nanotechnology to create molecules that are 500 times thinner than human hair and unbelievably strong. Liquid glass can be used to protect your devices, sterilise them, make them last longer in use and makes them easy to clean.

Silicon based coatings or Liquid Glass as it is more conventionally known has been developed through extensive testing and research to offer one of the most advanced nano-coatings available today. Apart from a select group of professionals, very few people globally are even aware of this incredible “ultra-thin layering” technology. Liquid Glass is most commonly found in natural resources such as; sand or quartz, as well as in the cell walls of diatoms (frustules). Silica is used primarily in the production of glass for windows, drinking glasses, beverage bottles, amongst many others. The majority of optical fibres for telecommunications are also made from silica and it is also the primary raw material for many ceramics.

100% invisible protection for all your mobile devices, keeping your screen resolution the way it is supposed to be!

Effortlessly buff your device to a super shine thanks to the reduced surface tension of Crystalusion.

Fed up of trapped air under your screen protector? Crystalusion is applied as liquid so no more nasty bubbles on your screen, EVER!

Your multimedia devices can be dirtier than a toilet seat! Get Crystalusion Liquid Glass nanotechnology Protection today and ridicule your “dirty” friends from the hygienic moral high-ground!

600% more scratch resistant than other forms of protection – proven in diamond scratch tests by the nice chaps at ASTM!

Do not waste another moment and make your life easier. Get your protection now!