Mobile News Awards: Innovative product winner 2017

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection - Mobile News Awards Innovative Product Winner 2017
Mobile News Awards: Innovative product winner 2017

A few months ago, Crystalusion participated in a competition, Mobile News Awards, against different companies and won the most innovative product of 2017!

What is the Mobile News Awards?

The mobile news award is an annual award gala held in the United Kingdom since 1995, hosted by the news magazine The Mobile News. It is a competition between different companies that provide mobile services and products. Companies are evaluated depending on which category their product or service is competing in.

In the competition that we took part in, there were 21 different award categories in which products and services could compete. Entrants were nominated in each category in advance and the winners were selected by a panel of judges. Judging took two-days, and a different panel of judge is appointed for each day. Categories were appointed to judges who are specialist in the area they are evaluating. Judges gave points to the entrants, and the entry who receives the highest amount of points in each category was concluded as the winner.


Innovative product of the year award

There was range of categories in which companies competed in, including Customer service, innovative products, innovative services, service and repair, best network performance and best smartphone.

We, Crystalusion, were competing in the innovative product of the year category. The criteria to compete in the category of the innovative product of the year include explanations and evidence to demonstrate how the innovative product fulfilled its demand and expectations for its market segment, and the opportunities it offers to carriers and dealers. The features that gave it unique selling points and evidence to show that the product fulfilled its sales and revenue targets. It was a tough road.

The verdict

So, Crystalusion won the most Innovative product of the year award! The innovative mobile device screen protector, utilizing state of the art nanotechnology to make it 600% harder than other screen protectors has impressed a lot of the experts in the mobile product/services industry. The comments the panel of judges said about Crystalusions liquid glass protector were such as;

 “An awesome product, providing the channel with a device agnostic product that can be sold to customers at the launch of any new handset or device.”

“Genuinely innovative. Can be applied to any product without modification. Matches and exceeds competitor technologies with regards to strength and durability. Entry provides facts to back up claims.”

“Very innovative. I particularly like the device agnosticity.”


Best regards,

Scott Fagerström


About Crystalusion

Crystalusion Limited, founded over 5 years ago, is a pioneer in the field of nanotechnology and is focused on bringing the leading and most advanced coatings to the end user by creating simple to use and apply products that will alter the global landscape for surface protection.

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