Mobile screen protector tested using the Rockwell test

Mobile screen protector tested using the Rockwell test

The Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is diamond tested using the Rockwell test

One of the key factors for winning the Mobile News Awards 2017 was the hardness of our screen protector. We took Crystalusion to the test, and not just any test…we took it to the ‘Rockwell test’.

What is a Rockwell test?

Mobile screen protector tested using the Rockwell test scratch test

The Rockwell test is a hardness test that determines the hardness of a material by measuring the depth of penetration of an indenter under a large load and pressure (represented by weight (Kg) or pressure (N)) compared to the preload receiving the pressure/weight of the load. The indenter used in testing Crystalusions scratch resistance was a diamond which is the hardest mineral in the mosh scale and the preload is the surface of the mobile screen which was layered with the Crystalsuion Liquid Glass Multimedia Protection.

And what is the Mosh scale?

The mosh scale shows the scratch resistance of minerals and the ability to scratch other minerals. Talc having the lowest hardness and scratch ability which is rated as 1 and diamond having the highest hardness and scratch ability rated as 10. (Diamond can scratch anything rated 10 or bellow. Talc can scratch talc and other minerals rated as 1). Below/Right you can see a graph that illustrates the Mosh scale of mineral hardness.

Mobile screen protector tested using the Rockwell test hardness table

So how hard is Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection?

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection substrate scratch failure occurs at 71N (equivalent to 7.24KG downward force on a 0.2mm Diamond tip). Substrate survives 80N load.

Where does the traditional screen protector/ tempered glass scale?

Traditional screen protectors have a hardness of 9H. 9H is based on a pencil scratch test where 9H is the hardest pencil lead material. The pencil is put on the tester, that applies weight and force on the pencil (7.5N), thus measuring the scratch ability the pencil has to the surface of the tested subject. However, we tested the tempered glass using the Rockwell test to see how much pressure should be applied until failure occurs. Tempered glass substrate scratch failure occurs at 55 (equivalent to 5.6KG downward force on a 0.2mm Diamond tip). Catastrophic substrate failure (cracking) occurs at 67N.


Crystalusion is one of the hardest screen protectors available on the market according to the Rockwell test. There are other liquid screen protectors available, however Crystalusion is the only one that has achieved the highest marks on the Rockwell test.

Great results in hardness/scratch tests. Smallest results in failure. What are you waiting for? 😊

Best regards,

Scott Fagerström

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