Crystalusion continues its expansion to Romania

Crystalusion continues its expansion to Romania
Crystalusion continues its expansion to Romania

Romania, a sovereign state, located in Southern Europe bordering the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia, and Moldova. Romania is the seventh most populous member state of the European Union had their number of mobile phone users reach up to 23.1 million mid last year (2016).

Crystalusion continues its expansion to Romania

The mobile phone market in Romania is extremely competitive. Everything counts when users are purchasing their devices. Some devices are being sold more easily when others raise question the purchaser: how do I protect the device if there are no edges to latch a protector onto? With Crystalusion now available in Romania, it provides a more competitive edge for mobile phone suppliers who produce bezeless devices.

I mean don’t you just hate it when you buy a mobile phone and then you need this weird looking screen protection on top that is not easy to apply, and doesn’t leave your phone looking the same way when you bought it – and don’t get me started with the bubbles these “screen protectors” leave.

As Crystalusion is applied in a liquid form, it becomes completely invisible allowing the user to keep the device looking the same way when they bought it. Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection will not affect the viewing clarity or aesthetic look of any device because the Crystalusion layer is formed at the nanoscale it is completely invisible to the naked eye and because it is 100% light permeable it will not affect screen resolution or color clarity.

Also, Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is laboratory tested to ASTM C1624-05 Qualitative Single Point Scratch Testing using a 0.2mm tip radius Rockwell diamond and is laboratory certified to withstand up to 71N before showing visible signs of scratching – that’s 600% more resistant than a traditional screen protector!

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