Where did Crystalusion come from?

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Where did Crystalusion come from?

For some time now, people have been wondering and writing to us wanting to hear about the background story of Crystalusion, its technology and how we came up with the idea.

The inspiration came from wanting to provide consumers and the mobile-centric world with a true device agnostic product that is easy to use, delivers tangible benefits to every person in the delivery chain, is ethically manufactured and made from renewable sources.

Where did Crystalusion come from?

Crystalusion was created by 3 people; Sanjay, Ben, and Ravi.

Sanjay discovered SiO2 back in late 2010 which is when he became fascinated by its potential uses and vast benefits for consumers. Having a strong background in telecoms, mobile, and consumer marketing he realized that this technology could eventually alter the global landscape for surface protection.

Sanjay had led teams at Vodafone, Blackberry and Palm after approaching Ben who has a proven track record in mobile retail and marketing having managed retail for Virgin and O2/Telefonica they identified the potential opportunity to create a completely new category for multimedia protection and began to research the marketplace.

In a search for a third business partner to complete the team, they reached out to Ravi who joined the team from Facebook and who had worked for Google previously. Together they created the brand Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection. The world’s first agnostic, eco-friendly, German engineered multimedia protection accessory.

The originality of the technology can be broken down into 2 main characteristics:

  • Having the world’s first truly device agnostic screen and device protector. Something which was previously unheard of, given the number of devices that possess different form factors.
  • The application methodology that was created after researching the market on how best to supply the product for a great and simple user experience.

We are truly global. We provide support in over 15 languages with international certifications and ensure we do not mislead our customers with our marketing or falsely promote any of the claims we make.

Crystalusion is one of the brands and products from a parent company known as LiquidGlassNanotech who supply different products based on the same technology to leading athletes across the globe and work with brands such as Mercedes Benz and Honda and within the healthcare industry.

Thus, we can back the claims we make and have also had to pass rigorous criteria in order to be able to supply to many premium brands. No other brand or product in this category has anything close to our endorsement or sponsorship portfolio.

We are passionate about ethical production and manufacturing, in fact, we pride ourselves on it.  We manufacture in Germany and ensure international sustainability standards.  All our product assembly is completed in the UK so our teams are covered by and benefit from EU working legislation, this in turn helps us to be productive to the UK economy and support the local workforce.  Wherever possible (almost all of) our packaging is made from recyclable materials and we continually look for new ancillary suppliers to further reduce waste.  Lastly and maybe most importantly we use only organic and sustainable materials in the creation of our technology.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch!


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