Crystalusion™ – Nanotechnology

Crystalusion™ – Nanotechnology

Crystalusion™ – Nanotechnology

Despite what many 21st century companies may tell you, nanotechnology is not new phenomenon. It is also not a product but a label that can be applied to certain technologies that meet the criteria or a process that leverages technology that has been derived using it.

Nanotechnology in action

Crystalusion is powered by nanotechnology that was previously being utilized in the maritime and aviation industry to enhance the performance of various types of coatings. Coming from mobile retail the Crystalusion team already new about the challenges faced by retailers; too many product references, forecast issues, large amounts of remnant inventory and the lack of an accessory that truly compliments the brilliant device designs developed by leading companies spending billions on aesthetics.

Crystalusion solves all of the problems and the team identified the potential this technology could bring to end consumers and specifically to the mobile industry which today can be classed as an essential, necessity or in some cases like with Samsung or Apple a luxury good.
Challenges faced with nanotechnology
Having pioneered this technology and created a totally new accessory category, Crystalusion today does have competitors who want to benefit from the opportunities we have created, sadly many of whom falsely promote the capabilities of their technology, misleading customers and creating outrageous videos that vastly overstate their product capabilities.

Some of the videos you see on the internet include examples of mobile phones being runover by cars and dropped from skyscrapers. This leads to unrealistic consumer expectations and makes customer education a challenge for all brands legitimately operating in this category.

One of the greatest challenges with nanotechnology is that everything nano is very very small, and in some cases (like with Crystalusion) it is completely invisible. This creates challenges both in order to educate consumers about the technology and creating an easy and harmless way to offer the technology.
After speaking with leading industry experts within our network we identified that we could not supply Crystalusion in a bottle to end consumers for various reasons. For this reason, after having researched the market we designed Crystalusion to work by providing our protective coating in a treated lint free cloth that is contained in a hermetically sealed sachet. This ensures there are virtually no errors a consumer can make in the application process and also ensures it is 100% harmless to them.
Technology from Germany
Crystalusion is German Engineered and Internationally certified. Whilst we do not comment on the quality of our competitors we do constantly test our products against other manufactured in parts of Asia and the United States.
We have not found a competitor technology that can offer superior benefits to ours and welcome any one who would like to conduct their own testing.

If you have any questions, please comment or get in touch and we will be happy to answer!

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