Crystalusion – We didn’t make it here alone

Crystalusion – We didn’t make it here alone

Thank you to the Global team and partners worldwide!

Crystalusion would not be a Global brand today without the help of its global team and worldwide partners.

Introduced in 2011 and with offices now in over 20 countries, available in over 50 markets, Crystalusion is leading the industry’s evolution toward alternative Nano protective solutions. The global Crystalusion team has spent months educating customers and all stakeholders. Today we are working with global telecom brands such as Vodafone, Croma, 2Degrees and many others.

Truly global

We are truly global, able to provide support in over 15 languages with international certifications and ensure we do not mislead our customers with our marketing or falsely promote any of the claims we make.

Crystalusion is one of the brands and products from a parent company known as LiquidGlassNanotech who supply different products based on the same technology to leading athletes across the globe and work with brands such as Mercedes Benz and Honda and within the healthcare industry.

Thus, we are able to back the claims we make and have also had to pass rigorous criteria in order to be able to supply to many premium brands. No other brand or product in this category has anything close to our endorsement or sponsorship portfolio.

Crystalusion prides itself on being a Nanotech company that is continuously investing in testing and certifying its products. We identified all of the attributes of our technology early on such as antimicrobial, anti-abrasion, oleophobic, hydrophobic and more. We can also proudly say that our technology adheres to ASTM International standards as well as TUV standards.

An accident in production

One of the benefits we were not aware of which we discovered through more recent testing was the anti-radiation properties of Crystalusion. Through our testing, we discovered that Crystalusion can reduce the amount of radiation transmitted from a device to its owner by up to 90%. This too has been certified.

Crystalusion is also 100% Food Safe and therefore harmless to our consumers.

Crystalusion was designed by a team who has a vast amount of experience in hardware working with both device manufacturers and accessories. The originality of the technology can be broken down into 2 main characteristics. A) Having the world’s first truly device agnostic screen and device protector. Something which was previously unheard of given the number of devices with different form factors. B) The application methodology that was created after researching the market on how best to supply the product for a great and simple user experience.

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