A surface disinfectant with a completely new approach!

Crystalusion PLUS

Imagine you clean your device before you leave for work in the morning – by the time you touch your device again the freshly cleaned surfaces will be recolonised by the pathogens you have come in to contact with on your commute, so your device would need re-cleaning to prevent the newly transferred pathogens from dividing and spreading. This is clearly a completely unsatisfactory and impractical process to follow. With Crystalusion PLUS your device stays clean daily.


Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection crystalusion_plus_screen_protection_clinically_proven

Clinically proven

Crystalusion PLUS – Active Bacteria Protection is a CE Certified Class IIa Medical Device and has been tested and assessed by world leading hygiene and microbiology institutes including Les Hopitaux Universitaires, Strasbourg and the Department of Medical Microbiology, Ankara.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection crystalusion_plus_screen_protection_active_protection

Active protection

Crystalusion PLUS – Active Bacteria Protection is the world’s first active antipathogen device sanitiser. One application delivers up to 10 days active protection against pathogen recontamination – providing a safe, practical, user friendly solution for device sanitisation.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection crystalusion_plus_screen_protection_antibacterial


Crystalusion PLUS – Active Bacteria Protection is not only effective against bacteria but it is also effective against a wide range of pathogens including Hepatitis, Influenza, HIV, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa & Candida albicans to name a few.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection crystalusion_plus_screen_protection_safe


Crystalusion PLUS – Active Bacteria Protection is biocompatible (tested under GLP conditions according to DIN EN ISO10993-1) The Crystalusion PLUS range is manufactured in Germany under the European Directive 93/42/EC and DIN 13485 -2003MPG.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection crystalusion_plus_screen_protection_easy_clean

Easy clean

Crystalusion PLUS – Active Bacteria Protection makes device cleaning easy! Not only are the long term antibacterial effect confirmed but additional testing shows that Crystalusion PLUS creates an easy-to-clean surface, which reduces the cleaning time of the protected surfaces significantly.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection crystalusion_plus_screen_protection_invisible

100% Invisible

Crystalusion PLUS – Active Bacteria Protection will not affect the viewing clarity or aesthetic look of any device. Because the Crystalusion PLUS layer is formed at the nanoscale it is completely invisible to the naked eye and because it is 100% light permeable it will not alter screen resolution or colour clarity.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection crystalusion_plus_screen_protection_device_agnostic

100% Device agnostic

Crystalusion PLUS – Active Bacteria Protection is 100% device agnostic owing to its unique application process. Being applied in liquid form it can be applied to almost all device surfaces including metals, ceramics, plastics & textiles, so even accessories can be protected.

Crystalusion™ – Liquid Glass Protection crystalusion_plus_screen_protection_bubble_free

100% Bubble free

Crystalusion PLUS – Active Bacteria Protection is particularly unique, because it is applied as a liquid, air cannot become trapped between the layer and the device giving a completely bubble free application over the entire device – not just the screen.


Step 1
Coat the Microfiber cloth with two or three sprays from the atomiser. This will provide ample liquid to sanitise most handheld devices – larger devices may require additional sprays.
Step 2
Gently clean the device with the Microfiber cloth. Ensure the entire surface area of the device is cleaned including the front, back, sides, top and bottom. Continue to clean until the cloth is dry to ensure an even coverage is applied to the device.

Step 3
Once a layer has formed on the device, it can be buffed with the microfiber cloth provided in the pack. Each application lasts on average for up to 10 days from a single application.
Crystalusion PLUS

Crystalusion PLUS is a patented surface disinfectant which uses a completely new approach; a semi-permanent nano scale layer of Crystalusion Liquid Glass. This layer holds within it, antipathogen agents, which are slowly released whilst the surface is in place. One single application lasts up to 10 days, meaning each pack gives protection for up to 3 months. It is the only device sanitation product delivering residual protection that is VAH listed and CE classified as a class IIa medical device.