Every Crystalusion pack sold in the United Kingdom contains a warranty scratch card inside the pack. Once revealed you can register the unique number on our website or by visiting the link directly www.crystalusion.com/warranty

If you have purchased a Crystalusion unit with a 12 month warranty you must make a claim via our website and follow the instructions. 


Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is an Oleophobic coating which naturally resists the build-up of oils and fats and therefore does reduce the appearance of fingerprints on a surface. After prolonged usage you may see finger prints on the device however these can be wiped off with ease due to the oleophobic properties of the coating.

No, Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is not designed to repair surfaces. It is a surface protector which enables surfaces to remain clean and abrasion resistant. Minor hairline scratches will appear less prominent after applying Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection but it will not visibly improve deep ridgeline scratches.

After completing the application process smearing or residue may appear on your device/screen during the drying process, which is completely normal. Make sure you allow Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection to dry for the required 12 hours. Do not clean your device during this time. After the 12 hours have elapsed use the dry microfiber cloth provided in your Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection pack and buff dry the device/screen removing any smearing and leftover residue. Once completed your device will be fully protected.

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection uses nanotechnology and therefore is invisible to the naked eye. The Liquid Glass Protection layer is 500 times thinner than a human hair however once applied, if you gently stroke the back of your hand over the surface you will feel the coating. You can also take a water dropper and carefully apply drops to the surface. By doing this you will see immediately that the droplets “bead” on the surface.

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection will start to protect the surface of your device/product within 6-10 hours after it has been applied but full protection will take up to 24 hours.

Orders are typically dispatched within 48 hours of being recieved. Orders are sent using Royal Mail and delivery times vary based on the destination company. 

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection forms a very hard layer of pure glass on the surface of the treated product. This layer is more efficient than traditional polyurethane protectors and can sustain a higher force of abrasion without marking or scuffing, however it is not scratch proof.

No, Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is not designed to stop the ingress of moisture/water and therefore should not be considered to be a waterproofing solution.

The Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection layer will come off through daily wear and tear and abrasion. The coatings will withstand many tens of thousands of wiping actions but its longevity is dependant on the protected product’s usage. We would recommend re-coating the surface when the easy to clean characteristics have reduced substantially or completely disappeared.

For best results follow the detailed instructions booklet inside the Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection product pack or visit our How to Apply section on our website. If you have any doubts or questions, please contact the Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection team through our website contact form or via email on info@crystalusion.com and we’ll be happy to help you.

Crystalusion is a product of German engineered nanotechnology and once applied the protective layer itself is thinner than 100nm, (which is 500 x thinner than a human hair) and as a result completely undetectable and invisible. Therefore, it will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty or alter the device’s look and feel. Furthermore, our researched application methodology ensures that our customers cannot damage the internal components of their multimedia devices thereby completely remove the risk of warranty issues.

Shipping policy

We ship Crystalusion all around the world but our 12 month screen replacement warranty is currently only available in the United Kingdom.  


We accept returns and refunds so long as the item is returned undamaged in its original packaging. Please note that the buyer will be responsible for delivery costs to return the item. 

In order to process a return please email info@crystalusion.com for further instrcutrions.