Crystalusion in action

Watch our various videos on Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection. We have a wide variety of videos that show the benefits, application process and our partnerships. Some of our videos have been created by our partners and customers. If you have a video about Crystalusion you would like to share please contact our marketing team through our Contact Us form.

Crystalusion Video 2018

This is a new promotional video launch in 2018 to show characteristics of our product in a new way.

Exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona

This video demonstrates the power of our nanotechnology when applied on different substrates. You can watch how the water beads up and how soft absorbent surfaces like cloth and wood become superphobic which means both hydrophobic and oleophobic. We have done a comparison with treated and untreated surfaces so that the difference are very clear.

How to Apply Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection

The following video provides a detailed explanation on how to apply Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection on a multimedia device. Crystalusion is 100% bubble free and device agnostic and can be applied on to any device even though in this video we have used an iphone We recommend you place special attention on ensuring your device has been properly cleaned before applying Crystalusion. If you have any further questions about our application process feel free to get in touch with us (Contact Us) or visit our FAQ section.

The benefits of Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection

Join our very own Professor Nanostein who explains what the benefits of Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection are. In this video he explains how Crystalusion creates an easy to clean surface that is resistant to abrasion and provides antimicrobial properties. He even shares a little bit of information about the science behind our technology.

Crystalusion collaborates with Nigel Lamb & the Breitling Race Team

The Crystalusion Team worked with Nigel Lamb and coated his MXS single seater aircraft during the 2014 Red Bull Air Race competition where he was crowned world champion for the first time in his career. His aircraft which is flown in all weather conditions has to deal with the effects of the elements in every race and for this reason the goal of coating the entire aircraft with Liquid Glass was to reduce the drag effect. Our superphobic coating repels all dirt, grease and grime including bugs and other creatures. Nigel Lamb said: “Aerodynamic drag reduction is paramount in this competitive air sport where we are endlessly striving for those elusive small fractions of seconds. I’ll be delighted with any competitive advantage Breitling Racing Team can gain with Crystalusion™.” Nigel Lamb Current Red Bull Air Race World Champion

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection on the Gadgets Show

The Gadget show in Malta featured Crystalusion where we spoke about the characteristics of our technology and also had some great live interactive sessions with the public in a mall. We showed them how Crystalusion works as a hydrophobic coating by coating some ordinary tissue and also dropping wine and bear on a coated pool table.

Some of our coolest videos are made by our customers and reviewers. We have included some of our favorite ones on our website. Get in touch with us if you have created a video review of Crystalusion and would like us to include it on our website.

Using Crystalusion on Laptops

Our friends at created this great unboxing video showcasing how to protect your entire laptop and also showcasing how our technology is able to withstand light abrasion from keys and coins. Crystalusion has been laboratory tested to ASTM C1624-05 Quantitative Single Point Scratch Testing using a 0.2mm tip radius Rockwell diamond and proven to withstand up to 71N before showing visible signs of scratching.

Crystalusion in Animania

This video was created by entrepreneur, gaming professional and youtuber in the Middle East. Alaa demonstrates the hydrophobicity of Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection and recieved over 250,000 views in less than 10 days.

Crystalusion used on a Sony Xperia Z1

Our partners at Clove worked with the folks at Btekt to show you how Crystalusion can be applied on the Sony Xperia. With devices like the Xperia that are sold today with an anti-shatter film, you can apply Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection on top of the anti-shatter film. Because it is applied as a liquid Crystausion can be applied on to an impact-resistant or anti-shatter film, however we recommend not to use it with cheap polyurethane protectors. If in doubt get in touch, we’re here to help!